Pilot Fleet Edge V6.9 New Upgrades Make Data Analysis Easier

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" Pilot Fleet Edge V6.9 New Upgrades Make Data Analysis Easier "


Fleet Edge V6.9, the web-based platform that supports the entire DingLi portfolio, has been updated with numerous new features in the recent version. The solution is more powerful, user-friendly, and versatile due to the improvements in implementation monitoring, track compensation and data analysis capabilities.

I. Add Signaling Message Monitoring

Added support for real-time monitoring of L1/L2/L3 signaling messages for Pilot Matrix.

II. Support for compensation of track data

The overall data during the measurement is frequently influenced by extreme values, while the latest version allows for the selection of the road to be tested when uploading data and GPS post-compensation for the corresponding test route.

III. New special analysis items to broaden the scope of the data analysis

Add MOD X Interference Analysis for filtering interferences precisely.

Add Qualified coverage analysis to achieve the best solution for base station.

Add analysis of the antenna & feeder connection opposite to identify exceptions more efficiently.

Add cell statistics analysis to analyze the cell data separately.

IV. Support event Analysis

Test events can be filtered by event name, network, time, etc. for more intuitive location of abnormal events and quick location of the event's underlying information.

V. HD videoplay test service

Adding HD VideoPlay test service by Pilot Walktour.

Please see our product page for more details about Pilot Fleet Edge.