DingLi's 5G Lab Test Solution for System Vendors

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" DingLi's 5G Lab Test Solution for System Vendors "


With the further deployment of 5G around the world, system vendors are facing challenges in the constant upgrade of new technologies. DingLi offers three solutions for 5G laboratory tests to help system vendors easily test the performance of equipment or mobile terminals.

DingLi's solution provides the monitoring of the following performance indicators

• g/eNB channel bandwidth

• Modulation quality

• Active antenna beam performance

• Message Detail (L1, L2, L3)

• Channel center frequency

• Received power

• Channel quality

• Resource Dispatch

• Correct cell IDs

• etc.

• Downlink/Uplink peak throughput


Solution 1: Pilot Pioneer(Commercial Phones)

1. Commercial smartphones can reflect the QoE more faithfully as test terminals.

2. Remotely control test tasks and receive test results. The test can be controlled remotely through API commands, as well as querying the corresponding test results, and the tester does not need to be on duty in real-time.

3. Remote control of smartphones. For example, you can run cell phone app, control phone reboot, switch on/off airplane mode and other operations.

Solution 2: Pilot Performer(Integrated Modules)

1. High-capacity testing. A single device can support up to 16 UEs.

2. Single equipment supports up to 8 MOS tests.

3. More neat antenna integration scheme. Multiple antenna combined access solutions, maximum 8UEs in one combiner.

Solution 3: Pilot Scout(Pilot Fleet Edge Remote Web Control)

1. Easy remote operation. You can just manage test tasks and analyze test results remotely through Fleet Edge or DingLi's web-based control platform.

2. Stable working conditions. Adopt Linux operating system, which can ensure 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work.

3. Automatic Fault Management. Multi-levels of intelligent protection mechanisms including hardware and software allow the device to smoothly operate over a long time.

No matter it involves a comprehensive testing of commercial smartphones or facing high-capacity and long-time testing in the laboratory, DingLi's professional solutions can easily meet your needs. For we have rich experiences in the wireless network communication industry, providing customized solutions for your specific requirements at any time.