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Automated Over-the-Top (OTT) Application Testing

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Pilot WeTest's OTT Apps test software runs on commercial devices to simulate user operation and presents actual user perception of the services performance. Its compact form factor and clear interface design facilitates easy test operation with real-time measurement data presentation.

Solution Overview

Evaluates and troubleshoot mobile network performance through on-device OTT Apps testing, data collection and analysis

Automate OTT Apps testing and automatically capture APP QoS parameters, collect TCP/IP protocol data, and display various KQIs.

Monitors mobile network information, displays the geo-location on online Baidu Map window in real time, and displays test device's information, e.g. kernel version, phone model, IMSI, operation system, baseband, local IP, external network IP, and manufacturer.

Product Functions

1. Provides accurate OTT Apps performance test results for multiple network technologies based on commercial phones.
2. Based on regular Android-based software. Easy to install and support online software upgrade and download.
3. Pilot WeTest may detect if the third-party APP (e.g. WeChat, Skype, DouYin and Alipay, etc.) has been installed? otherwise it will directly download and install the required third-party application's APK for the APP test, which simplifies the test preparation procedure and improve test efficiency.
4. Users may conduct multiple services test or just a single service test with a single click. This helps users to manage their test task as they want.
5. Basic services test for network performance verification, e.g. Ping, FTP, etc.
6. OTT app test that reflect the actual user's experience, e.g. Skype, WeChat, DouYin and Alipay, etc.
7. Real-time display of service test results, single-click KPIs search and single-click test results export.

Product Advantages

1. Automatic OTT app test from user's perception
OTT test solutions for DouYin, Alipay, WeChat, Skype, etc.
WeChat and Skype voice call test with PESQ (MOS) audio quality measurements
Smart packet capture analysis
Captures APP QoS parameters and collects TCP/IP protocol data
Displays various KQIs to reflect actual user perception
2. User-defined test solution and single-click test
Configure test plan: save the customized test task(s) to its respective test plan.
Conduct the test with a single click.
3. Smart data statistics and post processing
Multi-terminal test results can be uploaded in real-time to a dedicated Pilot WeTest server for data storage and information search.
Re-upload data when a data upload exception or failure is reported.
Real-time display of test results
Single-click search of KPIs based test results, for instant network performance overview.
Auto export of test results with a single-click
4. KPIs and various service analysis

Test Scenarios

User-defined test solution and single-click test

Automatic OTT app test from user's perspective

Simulates user's operation on App, and automatically conduct the test

Automatically captures APP QoS parameters and collects TCP/IP protocol data

WeChat and Skype Voice Call, and Normal Voice Call Test

1. WeChat and Skype Voice Call Test with PESQ (MOS) audio quality measurement
Automatic voice call test under 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network technology and accurate KQIs display based on data packet analysis
PESQ (MOS) audio quality measurement and evaluation with a DingLi's MOS Box (Micro MOS)

2. Normal Voice Call Test
Automatic voice call test to obtain the accurate KQIs

Smart packet capture analysis (for future versions)

Analyze potential network problems through the analysis of TCP/IP network packet capture to improve the network performance and user's satisfaction.

Smart analysis based on protocol: TCP, HTTP, UDP, TLSv1.2, RTP and SIP.

This function is dedicated to the phone that has been rooted.

Basic service test

End-to-end web access test for the mainstream web page, e.g. Baidu, NetEase, People's Daily Online (websites that are not listed can be integrated for testing purposes upon confirmation with DingLi technical support).

Network basic performance test: Ping, FTP, etc.

PBM (Pulse-Sampling Bandwidth Measurement), DingLi's PBM solution is a method used to measure available bandwidth in mobile networks' data service by sending packet data pulses with minimum network resource utilization.

HTTP-based video play test: online video play test is supported to record the delay, rate, and stalling ratio.

Product Features

The real-time monitoring interface for mobile network is divided into the following three parts

Mobile network/WLAN information

Geolocation information

Device information

System Settings

Users may configure information for the test, e.g. enabling packet capture and data uploading function, server settings, etc.

Version Update

Automatically check the new version