5G NR Scanner Test Solution with Pilot Pioneer

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In cooperation with Rohde & Schwarz (hereinafter referred to as R&S), DingLi Corp Ltd. has developed its first 5G NR test and measurement solution with Pilot Pioneer using the R&S TSME-6 scanner. The solution has been thoroughly tested in various 5G NR system trials with some of the leading mobile network operators in China, and recognized for its measurement reliability and validity.

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Solution Overview

Pilot Pioneer with R&S TSME-6 supports 5G NR pilot and spectrum scan, data decoding and coverage statistics. These scan measurements are essential for the initial 5G NR coverage verification, and detection of external interference sources for spectrum clearance. Some of the key features and metrics include:

Supports all 3GPP R15 Sub-6 GHz frequency bands, including 2.6GHz, 3.5GHz, 4.9GHz, etc.

Beam ID, SS-RSRP and SS-SINR measurements, etc.

MIB message decoding, ACD (Automatic Channel Detection) and Multi-Path measurements.

Statistics presentation and detailed analysis of measurement logfiles.

Test and Measurement

Spectrum Scan

Pilot Pioneer is able to detect and display the peak signal strengths of all Sub-6 GHz 5G frequency, and test each frequency and signal strength accurately. Spectrum scan is applicable for the following scenarios in the initial stage of network deployment:

Identify the spectrum availability.

Verify the expectedchannel bandwidth of the 5G carrier.

External interference detection.

Verify signal coverage for UE accessibility.

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Effect of Beamforming

Pilot Pioneer accurately measures the 5G NR synchronization signal block (SSB) of each Beam, and display the respective SSB Index, SS-RSRP, SS-RSRQ and SS-CINR, etc. The main application scenarios of SSB measurement are as follows:

Coverage test

Beamforming test

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Statistics and Analysis

Cell Coverage Stability

Pilot Pioneer Expert generate statistics for dedicated signal stability analysis. This is achieved through the cell filter function and stationary scan measurement of Synchronization Signal Blocks (SBB) beams with other key metrics (i.e. SS-RSRP, PCI).

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Statistics for Serving Cells

The strongest SS-RSRP and the cell information for each serving cell would be summarized in Pilot Pioneer Expert to display the overall network coverage.

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R&S TSME6 Scanner

A compact field test scanner that provides high accuracy scan functions and capable of supporting multiple frequency bands and mobile network technologies.

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Main Features:

Frequency Range: 350MHz to 6GHz

Simultaneously supports 8 network technologies

Light form factor and compact

Low power consumption

Built-in GPS/Glonass/BeiDou Receiver

More than 8 hours' testing duration with external power packet (provided by R&S)

Supported network technologies:


5G NR Features:

Supported frequency: FR1 and sub6 GHz

SSB index scanning threshold (based on PCI): -145 dBm

Supported SSB scanning frequency: 5/10/20/40 ms

Note: For detailed technologies and frequency bands information, please refer to the link: