Advanced NB-IoT Radio Access Network Quality Verification with DingLi's Portable "LiteProbe" Solution

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● LiteProbe is an extremely portable and straightforward NB-IoT Radio Access Network test and measurement device. The network signal strength and quality measurement is displayed on LiteProbe’s OLED screen providing an instant view of the key measurements to the tester.

● The key network measurement parameters displayed on the screen are RSRP/SINR/EARFCN/PCI/RSSI/TxPower. The device shall grade the measured quality (e.g. Excellent, good, average, below average, poor),  according to the configurable evaluation standards specified by various operators.

● LiteProbe uses Ping/Attach services for the evaluation test and inform the users of the detected network problems  through alarms displayed on the OLED screen.It is simple to use, extremely portable and designed for practicality    to allow easy NB-IoT tuning and troubleshooting.

● Automatically detects SIM card, and displays the battery capacity and the current network operator.

● Automatically displays the current RSRP and SINR of NB-IoT RAN and the network quality grades in real time.

● Supports Ping/Attach test services, and displays network status according to the Ping/Attach test analysis results.

● Built-in battery, with standby time of over 12 hours

● Comes with external antenna, to emulate true application of the NB-IoT sensors.

● During normal operation, the LED light will automatically flash in green.When there is an operation fault/error, the LED light will automatically flash in red.

● Transmits the test data to Pilot Fleet Unify for monitoring, analysis, etc. LiteProbe simulates the real NB-IoT terminal.

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Daily Test

The device can be used to test NB-IoT RAN quality in areas where NB-IoT sensors would likely be deployed e.g. in-building areas, parking lot etc.

Network Measurement and Maintenance

Simple test procedure that can be done by network-measurement-and-maintenance person to verify NB-IoT RAN quality.

Future Enhancements

Dingli may consider implementation of other NB-IoT usage scenarios, depending on the enhancement request.



Dimension and Color

Dimension: 102mm length, 55mm width and 11mm height

Color: silver white


Magnesium aluminum alloy

NB-IoT Module

Qualcomm 9206 chip

Band    B5/B8


2.4-inch OLED screen    2.5D   t  empered glass

SIM slot

Micro card slot


External NB-IoT Antenna, standard SMA-KE interface

Built-in battery

1200 mAh, with standby time of over 12 hours

Total Quality



Fully operational after 1-meter height drop


Standard 5v MicroUSB charging

Working temperature

-25 ~ 50 C