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  • Mar.20Pilot Pioneer 10.3 is the first field test product within DingLi’s test and measurement portfolio to introduce 5G NR support with Rohde&Schwarz TSME6 scanner. LTE-A Pro test capability is further enhanced with Samsung Galaxy S9 device features. Other new key features also include LiteProbe LTE-IoT terminal support, measurement accuracy improvement for high-speed rail test, OTT Skype test, manual mode for PESQ/POLQA audio quality measurement, and various new Android based test devices.
  • Jun.29This version introduces crucial new features and functionality to what was already a successful release. Users will benefit from better visualization of the measurement data, more control over test plan settings, data file management, and innovation for indoor testing. Learn more from our product page or contact our sales for further details.
  • Dec.18This release incorporates DingLi’s innovative solution such as the automatic indoor positioning. It also expands DingLi’s portfolio towards various LTE-IoT testing solution. Scripted OpenSignal test and external smartphone test devices connection for additional measurements are among the more significant enhancements made, together with new technology test modules.
  • Dec.05This release enhances many aspects of an unattended remote measurement probe, not only from hardware quality and processing performance, but also towards industry technology shift and testing requirements. New processing capability means an increased number of channels for POLQA and LTE-A 3CC concurrent testing among others. The innovative automatic indoor positioning is taking indoor testing capability to another level. Remote LTE-IoT test and monitoring with multiple modules simultaneously is another big step in this design. Many more new features and functions that will surely benefit the industry can be found with this version. Learn more from our product page.
  • Oct.24LiteProbe 1.0 is a new LTE-IoT (NB-IoT/eMTC) test and measurement product offering from DingLi. This purpose built and ultra-compact LTE-IoT handheld measurement device displays the measurement information in real-time on its OLED screen. It operates in Test or Monitoring mode, depending on the measurement scenario intended by the tester.
  • Sep.25The release of Pilot Fleet Unify 2.8 is key to LTE-IoT network and services implementation. Its support of the DingLi’s LiteProbe LTE-IoT device management, that can simulate the IoT sensors’ physical location and placements is important to determine the radio access network performance. Other operational efficiency improvements include SIM card balance check, test route management, data storage management, and configurable measurement samples settings to name a few.
  • Aug.28Pilot Walktour Pack 3.7 introduces significant improvements for indoor test and measurement with automatic indoor positioning. Remote data analysis and reporting efficiency are improved further with direct data upload to FTP or Pilot Fleet Unify server.
  • Jun.28The release of Pilot Walktour Android 3.8 introduces another technology evolution with the support of LTE-A Pro measurements. This is made possible with Samsung Galaxy S8 G9500 test mobile. Further enhancements are also made for LTE IoT services measurement. Forcing functions such as network, band, and cell lock are introduced with the new test terminals as well as the NB-IoT module. Independent PESQ/POLQA audio quality measurements without the MOS box hardware is possible with dedicated Vivo and MI test devices. PESQ/POLQA MOS computation can optionally be handled by Pilot Fleet Unify for remote measurement setup to reduce device licensing cost.
  • May.18The release of Pilot Pioneer Expert 10.2 is to complement the recently released Pilot Pioneer 10.2. It is enhanced with data analysis and reporting capability covering two newly introduced technology or specifications (also supported in some of DingLi’s data collection portfolio); namely NB-IoT/eMTC and LTE-A Pro. This includes dedicated statistics and various analysis functionality, as well as real-time KPIs for overview snapshot of the network performance. NB-IoT/eMTC test modules and scan data are both supported.
  • May.02Pilot Pioneer 10.2 field test solution is a significant release by DingLi Corp Ltd, as it introduces two latest network technology support namely NB-IoT and LTE-A Pro. NB-IoT supports a significant number of NB-IoT and eMTC test modules based on Qualcomm and Hisilicon chipsets (as well as scanner measurement), while LTE-A Pro is supported by a dedicated Samsung S8 test device. Other features worth mentioning include real-time KPIs statistics presentation, and powerful AT command window, among others. Learn more about this release and let us know if you need a product demo or further discussion about these new features.
  • Mar 19The release of Pilot Fleet Unify 2.7 marks a major step forward for DingLi's Remote Autonomous Solution, with the support of NB-IoT test and monitoring, and analysis. This version also strengthened its advanced analysis and troubleshooting capability through custom event alarms. These significant features are also worth noting; database-based reports, verify data files validity, and much improved data replay function, among others.
  • Jan 9The new Pilot Walktour Pack 3.6 is now released. This version introduces a new alternative “Sling Backpack” offering up-to two devices testing. Customizable statistical report can be done for a more dedicated requirement. Realtime software licenses and battery status view is available. More Pcell and Scell LTE (CA) parameters are included to enhance the analysis capability. iPad controller supporting the latest iOS version is also introduced.
  • Jan 3DingLi Pilot Walktour Android v3.7 is officially released. The long-awaited release comes with most easy to use and portable NB-IoT testing capability in the market. Like its close cousin (i.e. Pilot Walktour iOS 4.1), this version also introduces the Smart Analysis function where smart analytics engine is used to analyse CSFB, VoLTE, and LTE data. VoLTE testing with dedicated Samsung models is also supported. Different forcing functions are supported with different device makes and models, and several new test devices from Samsung, Sony, Nubia are also introduced.
  • Nov 20Pilot Walktour iOS 4.1 with iPhone 6S introduces key test and measurement feature for voice services over LTE, among others. Some of the new functions and features worth mentioning include; Automated VoLTE call with relevant VoLTE events and SIP messages reporting in real time, Smart Analysis on CSFB, VoLTE and LTE data for quick and easy assessment of abnormal measurement data, Huawei mLAB vMOS (Video MOS) for video quality evaluation during Video Play test, and many more.
  • Oct 31Pilot Pioneer Expert 10.1 if officially released with many important network analysis functionalities. The Custom Analysis, LTE Data Exception Analysis, and VoLTE Exception Analysis are introduced to provide our customers with the tool required to evaluate the performance of modern network technology such as 4G LTE and its services, while able to make an informed decision on the tuning and optimization work. This version also introduces the new DCF data format with better storage capability and flexibility. Other notable features include parameters drag from message details to Table window, Templates Import and Export, Hard Dongle License Query and Online Upgrade, as well as Online Software Update.
  • Oct 25The latest release of Pilot Pioneer 10.1 introduces a significant number of advanced features. New VoLTE and ViLTE devices are now available, which also compliments the P.OLQA audio quality measurement. Multi-mode 3CC and 2CC Carrier Aggregation measurement are supported with both Qualcomm and Hisilicon chipset based devices. A structured Single Site Verification test allows site commissioning to be conducted easily. A Huawei mLAB vMOS (video MOS) video experience evaluation measurement is introduced as a result of development cooperation between DingLi Corp Ltd and Huawei MBB. A unique USB Test Box is now introduced as alternative solution to the conventional mobile test devices. Other new features also include parameters drag-and-drop, templates import/export/hard dongle license query, online software update, private server for HTTP Upload test, DCF data format, as well as new mobile test devices.
  • Oct 12DingLi Corp Ltd.’s autonomous system for remote mobile network testing and data processing; Pilot Fleet Unify 2.6, is officially released. This version supports the recently released (and brand new) Pilot Scout 3.0. The upcoming Pilot Walktour Android 3.7’s Automatic Navigation is complemented by the Test Route Planning function introduced with Pilot Fleet Unify 2.6. Both functions operate mutually. Other notable new features include Intelligent Data Analysis Configuration and Threshold Edit. Both are essential for flexible analysis capability. This version also introduced several enhancements namely State Statistics, Login Log, Naming Details for Customer and Smart Report, Data re-decoding, and an Improved Test Plan Page.
  • Aug 29DingLi Corp Ltd (hereinafter known as DingLi) is proud to announce the release of a brand-new Pilot Scout 3.0 (v14.1). Pilot Scout 3.0 is a new addition to DingLi's remote test equipment portfolio, with the focus on 4G-LTE test capability (as compared to the legacy Pilot Scout 2.1). Some of the key advancements to Pilot Scout 3.0 (v14.1) includes high performance Intel x86 CPU (quadcore), dedicated dual channel 4G-LTE CA 2CC/3CC test, 4x4 MIMO, POLQA audio quality measurement, new test modules and many more.
  • Apr 4Revision 2.5 of Pilot Fleet Unify enhances the Pilot Fleet Unify Web reporting function. Data filter and data files selection for report generation are positioned on the same page. This allow real-time data selection or removal for efficient report generation. Multi-HTTP download is a new addition to the whole slew of available services testing function. The map window shall display the measurement parameters and events in real time as data is directly uploaded to Pilot Fleet Unify. User accounts management now allows administrator to define account expiration date, to further improve the efficiency, resource, and security of the system.
  • Mar 1The new release of Pilot RCU 10.12 introduces some significant features that makes it a solid offering. It is now possible to monitor the real-time device status of the unit from Pilot Fleet Unify web. This inform users on the usage duration, online/offline status, battery capacity and many more. High speed or Subway train route can now be imported to Pilot RCU 10.12 for automatic route positioning, which complements any discontinuous measurement plot caused by GPS signal lost. 48K audio is also available for POLQA voice quality measurement. Several alternative logfile formats are now supported on top of the standard one. There are also new test modules introduced.
  • Mar 1Pilot Scout 2.1 v12.12 is officially released with real-time device status monitoring on the Pilot Unify web. This is important for device health check, where relevant real-time data is reported to determine if the device is operating accordingly or requires specific maintenance. Similar to Pilot RCU 10.12, this version of Pilot Scout 2.1 v12.12 also supports optional logfile format on top of the standard one. New test modules are also available with this version.
  • Nov 9DingLi Corp Ltd announces the official release of Pilot Fleet Unify 2.4. The new data format (*.dcf) is now supported, to align with other DingLi's data collection portfolio. Pilot Fleet Unify Web can be utilized for online data replay. Information display is synchronized during replay, which include signalling messages, supported events and measurement parameters. Several enhancements are made as well including Enhanced Data Analysis function, Enhanced Real-time Decoded Parameter Monitoring for Data Collection devices and Enhanced Log File Management.
  • Oct 17DingLi Corp Ltd announces the official release of Pilot Pioneer 10.0, the leading multi-technology drive test solution for mobile network. Several key new features are introduced based on popular market demands and the latest technology requirements. ViLTE (TDD) and VoLTE (FDD) test can be done with dedicated devices. GPS trajectory compensation technology is introduced for high speed train test. It is now possible to export Map Layers (e.g. cell sites, routes etc.) into other third party format (MapInfo, Google Earth etc.). Cell coverage plot can be displayed based on geo-located route or parameters. Filter or define the required signalling messages (with Qualcomm chipset devices) for data collection and analysis purposes. New devices from iPhone (6s/6s Plus) and other Android based devices (e.g. Samsung, Nubia, ZTE, Huawei, Qualcomm etc.) are also available.
  • Oct 5DingLi Corp Ltd announces the release of Pilot Walktour Pack 3.4. This version comes with a range of new and enhanced features. In summary these are detailed decoded message information display, and LTE Carrier Aggregation (CA) parameters (from the supported Pilot Walktour CA devices) display on the iPad controller; mobile-to-mobile voice quality MOS test (PESQ/POLQA) with Pilot Walktour (Android v3.5 and iOS 3.9); high speed train test with Inertial Navigation System (INS); PCTEL scanner support; new *.dcf data format support; and enhanced Facebook and video play test.
  • Sep 19DingLi Corp Ltd announces the release of Pilot Walktour Android 3.5. This version introduces a number of similar new features to that of the new Pilot Walktour iOS 3.9 namely Easy Share for test information sharing; Universal Test Plan; new *.dcf data format; PESQ/POLQA MOS voice quality testing with Pilot Walktour Pack; High Speed Train test with Inertial Navigation System; and Enhanced Facebook test. On top of those, other unique features for this release covers VoLTE Exception Analysis; Video Play test with Huawei algorithm based vMOS scores; and PCTEL Scanner support.
  • Aug 30DingLi Corporation Limited announces the release of Pilot Walktour iOS 3.9. Following are summary of the newly introduced features. Automatic pinpointing for indoor test; Test information sharing with other Pilot Walktour iOS 3.9 devices; Universal test plan that can used by Pilot Walktour Android; New data format support e.g. *.dcf; Mobile-to-mobile PESQ and POLQA MOS test and high speed train with Inertial Navigation System (INS) together with Pilot Walktour Pack; Facebook test with latest login protocol; and support of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
  • Aug 16DingLi Corp Ltd announces the release of a newly upgraded Pilot Scout 2.1 v12.11. A new version number is used (e.g. v12.11) with the introduction of Pilot Scout 2.1 (previously Pilot Scout 2.0). This new upgrade is contributed by the enhanced hardware introduced with Pilot Scout 2.1. This are quad-core high performance CPU, high sensitivity GPS chipset, and dual frequency WiFi module. On the product features, this version introduces two channels LTE and single channel LTE 2CC CA test; access the Internet with wireless hotspot created by the test device; dedicated WiFi test with KPIs for measurement performance; private server for HTTP upload test, Facebook test with new login protocol, and finally new test modules with various bands and technology support.
  • July 22DingLi Corp Ltd announces the release of Pilot RCU 2.0 v10.11. This exciting new release comes with numerous new functionality that includes, LTE 2CC CA supported test modules; PESQ and POLQA MOS test can be configured for different test modules within the same RCU; Wireless hotspot access for Pilot Watcher and other test devices; Private server for HTTP upload test; new login protocol support for Facebook test; GPS solution with Inertial Navigation System, VoLTE licence control on the test modules, and variety of newly supported test modules.
  • July 22DingLi Corp Ltd announces the release of Pilot Watcher 5.3, a software based solution that is used to locally monitor the performance and measurement of DingLi’s remote measurement equipment’s test modules. Pilot Watcher runs on an Android tablet, and can be connected to a Pilot RCU, Pilot RCU Light, and Pilot Scout through WiFi for real-time service test monitoring. Pilot Watcher is a new solution for users to locally monitor the test modules and network status in real time during service tests. This includes the onsite test modules’ parameters, events, GPS-based test routes, test plans, device status, and many more.
  • July 5DingLi Corp Ltd announces the release of Pilot Fleet Unify 2.3, the autonomous test and measurement management system for DingLi data collection portfolio. In this version, users may engage DingLi for the statistics report template customization service. Intelligent Workorder is a key feature for Pilot Fleet Unify 2.3 where automated intelligent data analysis and verification of mobile network is introduced, to ensure a continuously optimized network performance. In order to diagnose the Pilot Fleet Unify system itself, system service alarms can be monitored for troubleshooting activities. Network hops latency performance can be measured with the new UDP Probe Service test. Offline map can now be used as an option when the online map is not available. Other minor enhancements are also made apart from the new features mentioned earlier.
  • Jun 20DingLi Corp Ltd announces the official release of Pilot Pioneer Expert 10.0, the dedicated data analysis and reporting solution for DingLi’s mobile network data collection portfolio. This newly designed platform introduces an analysis feature that compensates GPS position with inertial navigation system when the GPS signal is poor or blocked. New mapping features include map layers (e.g. cell sites, routes etc) export to other third party format (MapInfo, Google Earth etc), and cell coverage plot that can be displayed based on geo-located route or parameters. The colour code for BCCH/PSC/PCI coverage route on the map can be unified with the colour code of the serving cell. New reports are added, including LTE Data Service Report (CA), VoLTE, 4G Benchmarking and others.
  • May 16DingLi Corp Ltd announces the release of Pilot Walktour Android 3.4. PESQ and POLQA test is now made simple with DingLi Micro MOS solution. Statistics report can be generated from single or multiple data files using Pilot Walktour default template, or predefined templates from Pilot Pioneer Expert. Improvements are made to the data management feature. User defined parallel test is now possible. A new data format *.dcf is also supported. LTE Carrier Aggregation test can be conducted, and some new models from Samsung Galaxy S6 are also introduced among other new features.
  • Apr 22DingLi Corporation Limited announces the release of Pilot Walktour iOS 3.8. This version comes with the following improvement and new features. Real time dynamic parameter display. Universal test plan that is shared by all DingLi products. An improved data management features. Decoding and replay of data recorded by other Pilot Walktour device, and to enable airplane mode based on actual test scenario.
  • Mar 22DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot RCU Light 3.0 v11.10. This version supports idle mode LTE Cell lock for specific tests such as single site verification. Regular VoLTE test, and VoLTE with POLQA measurement are also available. For EVDO and LTE interoperability test, both Simultaneous Voice and LTE, and Single Radio LTE are implemented. An optional Pilot Watcher software that runs on Android tablet can be used to connect to Pilot RCU Light 3.0 to monitor real-time test modules’ performance, alarms, measurements etc. A new test module R1528A is now supported.
  • Mar 1 DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Scout 2.0 v9.10. With this release, LTE Cell Lock is made possible with the R1528 test module. VoLTE test can now be done with both R1528 and R1528A test modules. For CDMA EVDO and LTE network provider, the EVDO/LTE interoperability tests are supported for simultaneous Voice and LTE, and Single Radio LTE. This version also introduces a new test module, R1528A.
  • Feb 29 DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Fleet Unify 2.2, with several new reporting features to enhance the data analysis capability especially on LTE services. Dedicated 4G benchmarking report for all key voice and data services is now available. There are also dedicated VoLTE and Carrier Aggregation report with relevant statistics and KPIs. DingLi’s proprietary PBM (Pulse-sampling Bandwidth Measurement) measurement also comes with its own reporting function. This version also introduces an Android device based optional new product called Pilot Unify Lite. This product allow users to monitor measurement probes’ measurement status and important KPIs remotely.
  • Dec 22DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot RCU 10.10. This version introduces LTE Cell Lock with the R1528 test module for single site verification and other similar test cases. Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE), and Single Radio LTE (SRLTE) for interoperability test between EVDO and LTE can be done in this version as well. A new test module R1528A (FDD LTE Cat 4) is supported.
  • Dec 14DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Pioneer 9.6 and Pilot Pioneer Expert 9.6. A number of significant improvements can be seen from this release. Apart from new test device models from Samsung and HTC, several new network tuning and optimization analysis are added to Pilot Pioneer Expert 9.6 post processing platform. Other more significant improvements for data collection module includes forcing function for WCDMA and LTE, Manual voice MOS test, Non reference based video streaming quality MOS measurement, TCP/IP sniffer for PBM test and many more.
  • Nov 9 DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Walktour Pack 3.2. Among the new key features introduced are, POLQA and PESQ test and measurement, Real time statistics on for the test services, and ability to remotely reboot or shut down the Pilot Walktour Pack case. Other significant improvements are for the data management and analysis, by introducing sort and search function, real time upload to a user defined FTP server, and others.
  • Oct 12 DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Walktour iOS 3.7. A number of enhancements and new features are available. These includes services tests can now be grouped into its own task group, HTTP Video Play test can be supported by several well-known service providers, generate statistics report with customized template, real time statistics, different TCP/IP sniffer mode, TCP/IP messages and message details and many more.
  • Sep 15 DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Walktour Android 3.3. Customization of events, and measurement information display is possible. User interface is also enhanced with meaningful categories for easy monitoring. Test functions are further improved to allow more flexibility. Data analysis is made easy with improvements such as search function, special event labels, additional message decoding etc. This version also supports additional cell forcing functions such as Lock on cell and frequency in both LTE and WCDMA.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot RCU 10.9. Services test can be controlled according to the defined radio access technology. This Pilot RCU 10.9 now has quad-core processing power which increases the simultaneous LTE service up to 6 channels. Pilot Watcher tool is introduced to monitor the status and performance of individual test modules from a local RCU as well as the server information. A new test module is also available.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Scout 2.0 v9.9. A new LTE Category 4 test module is introduced, which adds more variety to the existing test modules offering. Services test can be controlled by the network technology mode the module is currently on. This allow tests to be conducted only within the required radio access technology.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Fleet Unify 2.0. This version improves the system capacity by making it possible to deploy data services in different severs. To improve the system’s stability, real time monitoring of parameters and KPIs is separated from the data services. Performance of VoLTE test service conducted from the remote test probes can be analysed or verified with the dedicated VoLTE report function.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Pioneer 9.5. This multi-technology drive test product introduces several new test devices from Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and NETGEAR. Analysis functions such as Pilot Pollution for WCDMA and LTE, Cell Coverage and Serving Cells are also new for this version. MOS 4.0 64-bit driver is supported to cater for 64 bit operating system. Multiple MOS reference files can now be replayed in unidirectional or bidirectional mode. Data presentation has been enhanced with Neighbour Cell Management on the map and message details decoding from PHY/MAC/PDCP layers.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot RCU Light 2.1 v8.8 the leading wireless network autonomous test probe. This version introduces high performance quad-core CPU, capable of handling the load of simultaneous multi-LTE connectivity for benchmarking and services testing. Other enhancements include a new multi-technology and multi-band test module, multiple reboot settings configuration, updated YouTube videos, network lock with the modem module, multiple IP addresses for Ping test, and multiple call numbers for voice test among others.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Scout 9.8. Apart from newly supported module, this version introduces the possibility to use multiple IP addresses and calling numbers for Ping and call test respectively. Other interesting new features include CSFB for both FDD and TDD LTE, module reboot settings, network lock with the module and others.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot RCU 10.8, the leading wireless network autonomous test probe. This release introduces a new multi-technology and multi-band test module. Multiple reboot settings or conditions for the test modules can now be configured with the RCU. Other interesting enhancements includes updated YouTube videos, network lock with the modem module, multiple IP addresses for Ping test and multiple call numbers for voice test, among others.
  • Pilot Walktour Android 3.2 is officially released. This version introduces an additional Samsung Galaxy S5 Model G9006V to the current S5 models that are already supported. A number of new functions and features are available with this version, to enhance user's data analysis experience with intelligent information display. For example, a new video window, distance measurement on Google maps, cell coverage display and many more.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Pilot Pioneer 9.4. Among the new functions and features introduced are: new test devices including iPhone 6, Samsung S5, Anite's FSR scanner and others, LTE Carrier Aggregation test, Indoor test building information management and statistical reporting, PCTEL's Blind and Enhanced Power scan, and other data presentation improvements.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announces the release of Fleet Unify 1.9. A new test device monitoring tool called Fleet Tracker is introduced, together with other new features such as Site Database Management and alarms for server disk space. The Airfleet Web Client now allows users to select supported maps instead of using only the default ones.
  • Pilot Walktour Android 3.1 is officially released. A wide range of new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S5 models are now supported to cater for various technology and frequency bands requirements. Among the new features included with this release are message filter for 2G/3/G/4G, ability to perform remote software upgrade, CSFB analysis and statistics and event search during data replay.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announce the release of Pilot Walktour Pack 3.0. This version introduces an upgraded backpack solution for a much stable and reliable device connection with iPad. Other new functions include automatic device detection and with possibility to define test groups, individual device information display, PBM (Pulse-Sampling Bandwidth Measurement), and new test devices.
  • DingLi Communications (H.K.) Company Limited announce the release of iPhone based Pilot Walktour 3.6. This version introduced several new key features, among them are the new bandwidth measurement (PBM), CSFB analysis, data management with customized format and partitioning, test controls to better manage certain test scenario, workspace customization and many other enhancements to make Pilot Walktour iPhone 3.6 a flexible and comprehensive handheld measurement tool.
  • The release of Pilot Pioneer 9.3 sees another product in DingLi's portfolio to integrate the PBM (Pulse Sampling Bandwidth Measurement) test capability. Other significant enhancements introduced are a new filter function, customized statistics template, Message and Parameter Comparison analysis, Parameter Quadrant Analysis, Force Test function based on network and mobility status etc. New Android devices from Samsung, Huawei, and ZTE are also introduced. iPhone 5s and 5c, PCTEL IB-Flex and Rohde Schwarz TSME scanners are now supported.
  • RCU 2.0 v10.7 is officially released. This version shares similar enhancements as the recently released Scout 2.0 v9.7, among them are Pulse-Sampling Bandwidth Measurement (PBM), Random Call Test, and possibility to make certain configuration changes to the modem and test modules through remote SMS message. A number of new test modules are also introduced with variety of bands, technologies and up to category 4 TDD-LTE support.
  • DingLi Communications Corp, Ltd announces the release of Pilot Scout 2.0 v9.7. This version introduces a number of new test modules to cater for increasing LTE data test demands. New services test includes Pulse-Sampling Bandwidth Measurement (PBM) and Random Call Test. It is now possible to make certain configuration changes to the test modules through remote SMS message.
  • Pilot Fleet Unify 1.8 is released with a number of exciting enhancements. Among them are new Multi FTP service test’s end condition, Pulse-Sampling Bandwidth measurement, new statistics reporting including VoLTE, and an improved Web Airfleet.
  • Pilot Walktour Android 3.0 is now released with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 (E330S) and other existing supported devices. This version introduces many new data services testing including Iperf, traceroute and others. Apart from that, heaps of new functionality to improve device capability to conduct data analysis, test execution and operation efficiency are also included.
  • Pilot Scout 2.0 v9.6 with improved performance, new test module and data service dial mode has been released.
  • Pilot Navigator 6.3 is released and includes statistics and KPIs for VoLTE service. User may locate parameter of interest based computer or device recording time. This version also extends data processing capability from new test devices introduced in the data collection tools such as Pilot Pioneer and others.
  • RCU Light 8.5 with new TD-LTE modules, TCP packet capturing test and other enhancements has been released.
  • Newly released Pilot Pioneer 9.2 comes with major enhancements such as POLQA measurement for VoLTE, integration of Google Earth to the map display, new LTE terminals from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and others, new method for bandwidth measurement and many more.
  • Pilot Fleet Unify 1.7 with enhanced Device Management and Statistical Reports, new Monitoring Functions, and others has been released.
  • Pilot Pioneer 9.1 with new LTE reports, integrated device control within test plan, and wide range of newly supported devices has been released.
  • Pilot Walktour iOS 3.4.3 with bug fix has been released.
  • Pilot Walktour iOS 3.4.2 supporting iOS7 series with user interface, statistical and voice quality testing enhancement has been released.
  • Pilot Walktour Pack 2.5.2 with various new services testing e.g. Multi-FTP upload/download, Facebook, CSFB and others has been released.
  • Pilot Scout 2.0 v9.5 with TCP packet capture test and other enhancements has been released.
  • Pilot Navigator 6.2 with CSFB, ETSI KPI statistics and LTE reporting has been released .
  • Pilot Pioneer 9.0 has been released.
  • Pilot Fleet Unify 1.6 has been released.
  • Pilot Walktour(Android) 2.4 has been released.
  • Fleet Unify 1.5 has been released.
  • Pilot Pioneer 8.1 has been released.
  • Pilot Navigator 6.0 has been released.
  • RCU 10.3 and Scout 9.3 has been released.
  • Pilot Walktour (iOS) 3.3 has been released.
  • Pilot Walktour (Android) 2.2 has been released.
  • Pilot Pioneer 5.9 with support of new FDD/TDD LTE device is released.
  • Pilot Walktour (Android) 2.1 with support of HTC Vivid FDD LTE device and Walktour Pack control solution is released.
  • Pilot Walktour (iOS) 3.1 with support of iPhone 4s and enhancement on services and voice testing is released.
  • Pilot Walktour Pack 2.2 with automatic data upload, iPad control solution and other enhancements is released.
  • Pilot Fleet 4.19 and RCU 10.2 with TDD LTE support, RCU light, VoIP MOS and other enhancements are released.
  • DingLi acquires AmanziTel, a leading open-source network performance management company.
  • Pilot Scout, an autonomous 2G/3G network probe, is released.
  • Pilot Explore, an MR-based GSM network planning & optimization tool, is released.
  • DingLi celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • Pilot Insight, an autonomous network optimization system, is released.
  • DingLi is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange (#300050).
  • DingLi acquires Beijing ShiYuan Technologies and BestComm Networks Inc.
  • Pilot Fleet RCU v2.0 is released.
  • Pilot Pioneer/Navigator are selected by China Unicom for nationwide network benchmarking.
  • Pilot Fleet/Walktour are chosen by BSNL and Huawei for Indian nationwide UMTS/GSM network roll-out, testing and benchmarking.
  • Pilot Fleet is selected by Tata for Indian nationwide GSM/CDMA network testing and benchmarking.
  • Pilot products now support Nokia engineering handset solutions.
  • Pilot Pioneer/Navigator are selected by China Telecom for nationwide network benchmarking.
  • Pilot Pioneer/Navigator are selected by China Mobile for nationwide TD-SCDMA network benchmarking.
  • DingLi is approved by ZTE as an independent product and service provider.
  • Pilot Walktour is chosen by China Mobile for in-building coverage testing.
  • Pilot Pioneer supports TD-SCDMA.
  • Pilot Fleet is approved by Lucent Europe and is used be T-Mobile Germany and Vodafone Turkey for benchmarking and system roll-out.
  • Pilot Pioneer is launched, an integrated CDMA/UMTS indoor/outdoor data collection tool.
  • Pilot Navigator, a post-processing software software solution for multiple technologies, is released.
  • Pilot Walktour, an indoor/outdoor handheld GSM/CDMA testing tool, is released.
  • DingLi is approved by Huawei as an OEM product vendor.
  • Pilot Fleet, an autonomous network measurement system (the first of its kind), which supports GSM/GPRS/CDMA IS95 technologies in a single probe, is released.
  • Pilot Panorama (CDMA IS-95A/B), for indoor/outdoor data collection and post-processing, is released.
  • Pilot Premier, a GSM in-field/in-building data collection tool, is released.

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