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Our LTE IoT Solution

Pilot Pioneer/

Pilot Pioneer Expert

Integrated field test and

analysis for RAN tuning

and optimization

Pilot Walktour

Handheld solution with

Plug &Play LTE-IoT

test module

Pilot Fleet Unify

Autonomous Solution for

Remote Test Management,

Data Processing and Analysis

Lite Probe

Portable and easy

to use basic LTE-IoT

verification test

DingLi Corp., Ltd. is a leading technology company that specializes in providing network vendor and operators, multi-technology (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA IS95/1X, EVDO, TD-SCDMA, HSPA+,LTE - FDD/TDD, Wi-Fi and WiMax) and innovative solutions......

  • Instant LTE-IoT Onsite Network Assessment with LiteProbe 1.0
    LiteProbe 1.0 is a new LTE-IoT (NB-IoT/eMTC) test and measurement product offering from . ......
  • LiteProbe Management and Operation Efficiency with Pilot Fleet Unify 2.8
    The release of Pilot Fleet Unify 2.8 is key to LTE-IoT network and services implementation. Its support of the ...
  • Smart Innovation with Pilot Walktour Pack 3.7
    Pilot Walktour Pack 3.7 introduces significant improvements for indoor test and measurement with automatic indoor positioning. Remote data analysis and ...
  • Another Major Milestone with Pilot Walktour Android 3.8
    The release of Pilot Walktour Android 3.8 introduces another technology evolution with the support of LTE-A Pro measurements...
  • NB-IoT/eMTC and LTE-A Pro Analysis with Pilot Pioneer Expert 10.2
    The release of Pilot Pioneer Expert 10.2 is to complement the recently released Pilot Pioneer 10.2...
  • Pilot Pioneer 10.2 is LTE-A Pro and NB-IoT ready!
    Pilot Pioneer 10.2 field test solution is a significant release by DingLi Corp Ltd, as it introduces two latest network technology support namely...

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