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Handheld solution for dedicated network diagnostics and monitoringA5.Pilot Walktour Brochure V3.5-Android
A5.Pilot Walktour Brochure V3.9-iPhone


Pilot Walktour is a handheld wireless network measurement tool, developed using the latest commercial devices in the market (e.g. Android devices and iPhones). It is a multi-technology solution supporting both indoor and outdoor test and measurement. The collected data represents true user perception on voice and data services performance, as well as network quality experience. Pilot Walktour is one of the most cost effective, standalone measurement solution with all the test capabilities encapsulated into one portable user device (or smartphone). This allows Pilot Walktour to be used in areas not easily accessible with a laptop based test and measurement products. Pilot Walktour can also be used as one of Pilot Fleet Unify test probes, since there is an option to automate and schedule the test processes remotely.

Main Product Features

Comprehensive Multi-technology Data Collection
Both Pilot Walktour Android and iOS supports data collection from LTE/WCDMA/GSM/CDMA/EVDO network technologies (model specific). It is also possible to capture TCP/IP data from data services test and message filtering.
Applicable for Indoor and Outdoor Test
Pilot Walktour is equipped with online and offline Google map to cater for outdoor measurement test. Other formats such as PNG, JPG and BITMAP are also supported especially for indoor test purposes. Other useful features such as line to serving cell, detailed cell information, management of indoor test based on floor levels and specialized management of indoor test data, are among some of the useful features found in Pilot Walktour.

Automatic Testing and Data Management

Pilot Walktour can also be used for automated test and measurement, as part of other solutions in the Pilot Series. Pilot Walktour Pack uses Pilot Walktour devices for pre-configured and automated benchmarking test, using the Backpack 3.0 solution. Pilot Walktour may also be used as part of Pilot Fleet Unify remote test probes. Test plans and configuration can be remotely assigned for automated testing. Collected data from Pilot Walktour Auto test will be remotely uploaded to the Pilot Fleet Unify server for instant data management, processing and analysis.

Easy Share
This function is used to share test information (e.g. project files, test plans, building/floorplan maps, site files, statistics reports, etc.) among two or multiple Pilot Walktour test devices (e.g. between iOS devices, or iOS and Android devices). This increases the test and analysis efficiency, especially in meeting project datelines or when commissioning new sites.
Note: Currently, project files and building/floorplan maps however cannot be shared between iOS and Android devices.
Dingli Universal Test Plan
Reusable test plans that can shared between Pilot Walktour iOS and Android devices (e.g. with Pilot Walktour iOS 3.9 and Android 3.5 onwards). This flexible test plans increases the operational efficiency by allowing interoperability between two products.
POLQA/PESQ MOS voice quality test with Pilot Walktour Pack
Can you used to conduct POLQA and PESQ MOS mobile-to-mobile voice quality testing when used as the test device for Pilot Walktour Pack.
High Speed Train test with Inertial Navigation System (INS)
With INS the measurement plots positioning accuracy can be significantly improved, especially in areas with blocked or insufficient GPS signals. INS is a self-contained navigation technique in which measurements provided by accelerometers and gyroscopes are used to track the position and orientation of an object relative to a known starting point, orientation and velocity.
Parallel Data Service Testing
Pilot Walktour is capable of handling multiple data service testing simultaneously. This could be multi-threads FTP UL/DL, multiple FTP UL/DL sessions or simply several different data services running in parallel.
POLQA and CSFB (unique to device brand and model)
Pilot Walktour offers the mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-land PESQ/POLQA measurement, as well as dedicated CSFB analysis with some dedicated device brand and models.
Customized Information Display
User may customized the interface display in Pilot Walktour according to the required Radio Access Technology, its related parameters, events/alarms, and messages.

Report Generation
Using a pre-defined report template, Pilot Walktour is capable of generating relevant statistics report based on selected data files to be sent to a defined mailbox (e.g. with Pilot Walktour iOS), or export the statistics result generated on the interface to MS Word or MS Excel format (e.g. with Pilot Walktour Android).


Test like a user and anticipate probable QoS issues
Minimum investment with maximum test capability
Always up to date with performance measurement from latest devices in the market
Supports traditional and the latest data services application testing
Applicable for both indoor and outdoor testing with geo positioning
Able to detect potential wireless network issue instantly

Main Use cases

Instant and Easy Performance Verification
There are many circumstances where wireless network testing requires simple yet effective solution so important data can be captured instantly without using complex and time consuming tools. Pilot Walktour is most effective when having to perform test and measurements for indoor network planning and verification, congested areas or streets, and monitors the network anywhere or anytime as the user travels.
Most Cost Effective Standalone Solution
The principle design of Pilot Walktour is to perform wireless network test and measurement using a regular smartphone device just like a normal user. This does not require a separate laptop or PC based software or additional hardware. The operation runs on a Pilot Walktour software that is installed on a supported smartphone device. Various voice and data services testing can be executed easily, with the ability to save measured data and its geopositioning. Recorded data can be replayed on the device, or upload for post processing. Simple report generation from Pilot Walktour can also be done .
Test and Experience Network Performance Like a Regular Subscriber
This is one of the best way to capture network performance from a user's perspective. As the test is done through a regular (supported) smartphone devices, it gives a true user perception of the network quality and services performance. This will allow network operator to act upon any detected issues instantly.
Keep Track of High End Users' Usage and Experience
Pilot Walktour can be used to trace high end users' experience of the offered services or network quality. The Auto Test function allows tests to be configured and executed remotely, and scheduled as and when required, through Pilot Fleet Unify. The recorded data can be uploaded remotely to a centralized data storage, where all necessary data trend and analysis of relevant devices can be done to troubleshoot any detected issues from the network.
Double as test devices for Pilot Walktour Pack
The investment made for Pilot Walktour test devices can be further leveraged when there’s a need to conduct an operationally portable test and measurement activities, using multiple test devices. Pilot Walktour Pack shall be used as the control unit to manage and monitor all the Pilot Walktour devices currently connected to it. This type of portable yet stable measurement solution is widely sort after for in-building and remote area testing where minimalist test equipment is a major requirement.


  • Please consult DingLi Sales or Technical Support for all the supported models (for Pilot Walktour Android and Pilot Walktour iOS) and device specifications